Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dr. Steve Joel, Superintendent *Lincoln Nebraska Public Schools
February 2, 2017

I am writing this on February 5 and the immigration issue is worsening by the  moment. Dr. Joel's message in the video above is one sign of hope and encouragement--would that all our schools were so  morally centered. How we invite and assimilate refugees into our society is a daunting task but that we welcome the stranger should never be in question. I am heartened by voices I hear from widely divergent citizens in our country--voices that keep us in touch with our humanity and open the wells of compassion. May their tribes increase--our very lives depend on it.

*The first English Language Learner program for refugees and other immigrants began in 1986 with 118 students. Today Lincoln Public Schools serve  2,970 students from 114 countries who speak and collectively they speak 100 languages. Lincoln residents are justifiably proud of the welcoming spirit and life skills our schools give to our new neighbors and friends. 

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