Thursday, May 16, 2019

Canyon Reflection

Slot Canyon©

Earth surrenders
        Crevice slices deep
       Light shaft pierces
         Holy Space
     Slow down the mind
Relax into awe
Be still
Soul-ride the light
              Out of the hidden canyon

   Nearly twenty years ago I took these pictures in Antelope Canyon. Alluvial erosion and fast-flowing flash floods have, over millennia, sculpted natural corridors through the soft sandstone. Even on an overcast day, shards of light manage their way down to illuminate the dark. I found the scene fascinating then.
  Today, I've come to see the light in the canyon as a metaphor for life and most helpful in the darkest days. The first century mystic reminds us, "...The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness: the darkness couldn't put it out."
(John 1:5 The Message)