Saturday, March 5, 2022


Words for the Young

(no matter how old you are)


Last night I dreamed I

          was a butterfly struggling

                   to get out of a cocoon

Let me tell you it wasn't

          easy I was exhausted

                   by the time I got out

I woke to a warming sun drying

          my wings as they took

                   shape and structure

Oh my wings were

          beautiful did I tell you

                   I dream in color

Basking in the moment

          as the dream morphed into

                   metaphor I waked to

The existential question will I

          have the courage to fly

                   when my wings dry

In normal times there

          is enough suffering and

                   sorrow to stifle adventure

These are not normal times naked

          evil stalks heart-wrenching

                   loss punctuates

Yet beauty hits us right

          in our face kindness hums

                   in the background

Truth is still spoken daring

          takes its turn goodness

                   will not be denied

Troubled souls still wake to

          wonder love has not

                   lost its power

Then and Now don't have to trade

           places are you ready

                   let's fly


Friday, January 28, 2022



The wisest of

     the ones who

          made the trip

Wise enough to

     eschew theatrics

          perceive the real

Came to touch beauty

     rephrase truth

           reset goodness

Knew humble trappings

     were an extravagant

          soul filled welcome

Tutored in mysteries beyond

     ken they worshiped

          with second sight

They had come to the

     place where they could

          change their lives

Inspirited to make epiphanies

     palpable for the journey

          entering a new dimension

What I wouldn't give

     for a star here and now

          to cancel Covid fatigue

Pull us back from

     the precipice

          of depression

Nurture the bereaved

     embolden the scared

          succor the survivors

Be a companion to those

     who are forced to

          sleep in the ruins

Dispense justice for those

     who exploit suffering

          impose harm

No star has the magic to do

     our work those who are

          able must stand and sing

The star amplifies the vision

     of love incarnate gives

         light for the journey

The wise among us will

     wed science to love

        to give us truth

The wisest among us will

    share the promise and

         so redeem the suffering