Friday, December 3, 2010

Why Porch?
Down South, where I grew up, the porch was important. It has been said that the South is one big front porch. In the old days, the porch was not only a place to escape from the hot kitchen fires, it was where you visited with neighbors and shared stories. My grandfather had a large house with a full front porch. When the tornado destroyed the house, Papa rebuilt a smaller one but also with a porch. When the chores were done, he would tell stories for the family and whoever else might drop by.
When we first moved to Colorado, we had such a front porch. Then we moved. The house we live in now has no front porch. It does have a large back porch, or a deck, as you might call it. In good weather, I spend a lot of time there, sometimes visiting but more often reading and remembering stories. I can't invite all of you to "come set a spell," but I can share stories through this blog. I hope you'll find something in my ruminations that will be of some value to you. And I hope to hear from you.

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